12 CostcoSetup Shopping Tips You've Never Heard Before

By Gavin | November 27, 2018

There are so many ways to save crazy coupon, here with the secrets to saving at Costco. So many people are nervous about shopping at Costco, because it costs an annual fee, just to shop here, but we're going to talk about all the ways there are to save at Costco. We're taking you through the store, we're going to share our best tips, we know that we can't use the coupons from the newspaper here, but you're going to be shocked at all the other ways there are to save.

Here's the secret to shopping at Costco without a membership, did you know that was possible? What you need to do is have somebody that has a Costco membership buy you a cash card, this is like a gift card that you can use on anything in the store, and you don't have to be a member to use it, so you just come to the door, you've shown this instead of your Costco card, and then you use it to pay easily as that.

What's the stick with these warehouse clubs and how do they get prices this low? Let me tell you, they only have thirty-eight hundred to four thousand different products at the store, a traditional Super Center might have up to two hundred and fifty thousand, so while Walmart has like everything you can think of. Costco narrows it down, they're really selective with under four thousand items, they're able to order in bulk and save you money. In fact, Costco guarantees that almost none of their items are marked up over fourteen percent compared that to twenty to thirty-five percent at other stores, you thought you couldn't stack coupons at Costco, but now you can with their instant manufacturer rebates, you're saving six dollars off this box of pull-ups, and then download the snap app you can save an additional three dollars. Remember you can use rebel apps like Ibotta, check out the few one-shot Miami berry cart and snap, so download those and get those extra savings at Costco.

So if you shop at Costco, you'll notice that most prices end in a nine, that's just their regular price, almost everything ends in a nine, if you see something different than that, like a six nine seven or the $20 even, that means that it's a product that the store is trying to get rid of, so they're kind of clearance it out. It's like a manager markdown or a store markdown, so look for those prices, and when you see them you know that it's a good time to buy. Not only does Costco have pretty great prices on new ink cartridges, but I bet you didn't know that they actually fill your old cartridges here over five grams, and dozens of different cartridges you can come to the photo. They'll give you a price sheet, but just bring your old cartridge, so they know exactly which one it is they can fill it for you. It starts at 7:49, some cartridges are nine forty-nine or ten forty-nine, but that's one of the best deals that we found on reusable ink. One of the best secrets are saving at Costco is shopping their store brand, Kirkland signature is probably the best store brand on the market, these are comparable or even better than the name-brand, sometimes they're even made in the same factory, or like these batteries, I hear that this actually the same battery is Duracell with a different wrapper, so why would you pay more? Other items I love include trash bags seasoning and diapers, so check out Kirkland signature. If you're a moviegoer, check out Costco for some great deals at my Costco, they have regal tickets for 1679 or about $8 a piece, which is way better than just showing up at the theater to buy them.

This is my favorite tip at Costco, their toy deals are amazing, don't neglect these, and I've got the secret to knowing whether you're getting the best deal. I'm using on my favorite apps, the Amazon after simply compare the price to Amazon to find out whether this is really a good deal. So check out this nerf gun, all you do is you scan the barcode, slow battery way to go me, it pulls up the price, I can see that the Amazon price on this gun is 42 99, while the Costco price is $27.99. Last year I can all of their toys and Costco beat Amazon every single time, so don't neglect to come to Costco to do your holiday shopping, since you hate when you're shopping at Costco, and something that's on your list is no longer carried at the store. I know that it's like one of the most heartbreaking things for me, so we have a way around that. It's a crazy coupon, you'll notice the asterisks in the top right of a tag, that means that this product is no longer going to be stocked at Costco. So if you see that and it's a product you loved, now's the time to stock up.

Costco can be a crowded place, so when is the best time to shop? Unfortunately, there's no one day of the week, that's the secret is crossbows making markdowns every day, but I found that the secret time of day for the lowest crowd, there's actually three to five p.m. on weekdays, so give that a shot, so if you've visited the crazy coupon for at least a week, you know that we get insane prices on things like shampoo, deodorant, body wash, and razors, so the finger box shopping at Costco is if you're buying all that stuff here you're actually not going to get the best deal.

Our strategy overall with all stores is taking advantage of what they have to offer to skip the stuff that isn't so great and capitalizing on the things that are good, so watch us, we're going to show you some of our favorite things to buy at Costco. The Kirkland Signature frozen vegetable blend is 6:49 for a five-pound bag, that's one of the best prices you'll find plus the quality is amazing making this one of my favorite things to buy at Costco at only eight cents. Each the Kirkland Signature kitchen bags are one of my favorite things to buy, that compares to a price at Walmart of eighteen cents per bag, so ten cents per bag savings adds up real much. One of our favorite things to buy at Costco is the Kirkland Signature diapers, if you look in their coupon booklet about every other month, you're going to see savings on the Kirkland brand diapers, so that's the time to stock up and save the size for diapers, run about 18 cents per diaper, and you can find prices cheaper than that by using coupons, but this is super easy.

While Costco doesn't accept traditionally printable and use different manufacturer coupons, they have their own instant rebate, they send them out in this book, they have them in their app and they also have them listed in the stores, and the secret is you don't need any of it, because the savings are applied automatically as of about 6 months ago. So ditch these, but take advantage of these coupons.

I'm here with my friends Roberto at Costco, one of my favorite things to buy is the rotisserie chicken, there are three pounds, and they cost only $4.99, you guys at Walmart they sell rotisserie chicken for $4.99 also, but it's only like 1.3 pounds, so this is a way better savings, you get so much meat, it's a great price. Another great find at Costco is their two pound sheet cakes, they're only eighteen ninety-nine, and they serve 48 people, so this is like your birthday party, you bail out, if you've waited to the last minute order a Costco cake, put a couple of like toys on top of it, and call it good. So one of my personal favorite things at Costco is the dollar 50 hotdogs and soda deal, you can't beat that price, the price has been around since the 80s, there's no plan to up that price, I think they'd have like crazy mad people on their hands, so anyway, they're 100% all beef hot dogs, they're only a dollar 50, you get the soda for free also, it's a great deal.