5% Cash Back On Everything BeatTheBush | CostcoSetup

By Gavin | November 27, 2018

I'm going to show you how to get 5% cash back off of basically everything that you can buy, now you probably know a lot of credit cards already have 5% cash back in various categories, and they rotate around. Now the trick is to get a whole bunch of these cards and kind of mix and match them carrying them around, and use them at the right time and in the right category. Today I'm going to show you my wallet and all the cards I carry in order to get the maximum cash back in all the categories.

Some people have voiced concerns that using credit cards is not their thing, yes, it's true, if you are prone to running up your credit card and stuff, this might not be for you because there might be too much temptation to have a bunch of credit cards, and you can just swipe anything you want, and essentially buy on credit well. The mentality to have for this is that you should not use it unless you have the cash to pay for, and this is what I do, and I actually don't have any kind of credit card debt on all these cards. I'm going to show you and I just use them for the cash back.

This is my wallet, just a bunch of cash in here, the card here is a Bank of America cash rewards card, if you spend five hundred dollars within 90 days, you get $100 statement credit, so it's kind of like a gift card. Afterward, you see I have a California driver's license here, and then I have a target card, you get 5% off of the target, I go there quite often, and some debit card that I hardly ever use.

I have here a salary rewards card, you get 5% cash back on gas and groceries, you can no longer get this card, unfortunately. Here I have a key U.S. bank cash plus card, you can choose the categories at which you get your rewards, and for this one I chose department stores and fast food, because it does not overlap with my gas and groceries card here, and so I have something to get 5% off of something else. Here is my fallback, my fidelity investment rewards card, you get 2% cash back on this card on everything, so if it's in a category not gas in groceries or department store, I'll end up using this fidelity one.

The last one here is a chase ink business card, and you get 3% on restaurant, gas, office supply, hardware store, or home improvement, you can no longer get 3% off of all those categories right now, but there's something a little similar for the ink card right now.

All these categories are kind of hard to remember, so I've made a little cheat sheet right here, and I've seen other people do this before as well.

Over here you see Salameh gas and groceries 5% up to $250 for each category, US bank hair department store in fast food 5%, restaurant 2%, and kind of put box and square boxes around the ones that I'm supposed to use. And then the US bank has a rotating category, so this is valid from April to June, and I also have a freedom here, which I'm not currently carrying. That has currently had groceries for 5 percent capital what fidelity Citibank, I will rotate a Citibank double reward card into the fidelity cart later on, and then you see here Inc restaurant, gas, office supply, hardware store, home improvement, you get 3% off of that, so some notable mentions I'll likely rotate input into my wallet soon. This is a Walmart card, you get 3% off of everything you buy on Walmart, this is a Citi double cash back card, it's actually a visa, so it gets accepted a bit more than the American Express.

Here this fidelity investment rewards is of an American Express both are two percents, so I'm actually phasing this one out and using the Citi double cashback 2%, and also to mention is that Chase Freedom and discover. It has great categories sometimes, they have good categories I would like to use in the coming year of 2016, so the circled ones are the ones I have in my wallet right now, the Bank of America cash rewards spend 500, get $100 credit within 90 days.

The Salome one is really good I started, because you no longer get that anymore, but you get by percent guessing groceries. The target one is great to carry around because you get 5% off, not cash back, it's actually a reduction in what you pay immediately on the target card. So I just recently got a Walmart card which you get three percent cash back in the form of statement credit, I don't carry that around yet because my volume by buying stuff at Walmart is pretty low, and whenever I buy something there it's not that expensive, so I rather not carry another card because I have plenty of cards I'm carrying around already I might hold that in the future.

Though the US bank, it's great because it allows you to pick your categories, so you can pick the different categories, and you already have in your wallet, so I chose department store and fast food, because then if anything that I buy falls in those categories, I can get my 5% cash back is actually a category you choose per quarter, so I just end up choosing those categories every single time, so that it doesn't change all the time. These ones are all year long.

And then I hold a fidelity investment reports currently, and I get 2% cash back of everything, it's an Amex card, so it's not as convenient to carry, and sometimes I got rejected on using this. So I've switched it to a Citibank double cash Visa Card, but I'm going to be phasing this out and just kind of like using up all the rewards, that's in there just kind of build it up, so that I have enough, so that I can cash it out, and then I'll switch over to the Citi double cash back.

I also carry Chase Inc card here, that gets you a restaurant, gas, office supply, hardware store, home improvement, the other cards I'm thinking of rotating in is also the Chase Freedom, and they have rotating categories, usually I've seen it stay about the same for Chase Freedom for each quarter of 2016. The first quarter is gas, the second quarter is groceries, third quarters restaurants, fourth quarters Amazon, and then you have discovered it for 2016 first quarter gas, movies, and restaurants, and then you got hardware and Amazon for the third quarter and then shopping which is and specify as of today.

So what looks good here to me with all the other cards is that is the restaurant part, US bank used to do a restaurant for five percent, but they no longer do that, so there's a hole here in this cashback scheme, because you can no longer get five percent cash back on restaurants these days, so these rotating category things would fit fill in the five percent. It's currently April, so we're in this kind of glory right now, and I'll put in a restaurant in there and use it for restaurants, and then carry this freedom afterward as I show you.

I can't remember all of this, I kind of remember this one because I always use this for gassing groceries, but all the other ones especially. When I'm at the checkouts and I just forget, so then I give myself this little cheat sheet and then I highlight all the categories that I'm supposed to spend that, and so if I'm buying something, I go where I am. I'm at the grocery store, I look at those few groceries and then I look at the card, they're almost like selling me.

Let me pull that one out or like if I happen to be at a home improvement store like Home Depot or something I look it up and is this Home Depot here? Let me do that and this is just a reference sheet for me to quickly find out which credit card to use. You didn't actually have to update this sheet every single order before, because I made it, so that it's all year round for everything, but then these days you just have to get used to it because you get the best cash back in the category.

So I end up having to update this little cheat sheet every single quarter, so I hope this is a good overview of all the credit cards, and if you just kind of aggregate all the credit cards that you can get on the market right now, it can essentially get you five percent off of everything, practically everything.